Multiple media outlets calling for Prime Minister Harper resignation!

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Over the past week multiple publications have been calling for nothing short of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s resignation. Between the multiple failings that have plagued his term as Prime Minster, including but not limited to, The RoboCall Election Fraud[6], Prorogation of Parliament no less then 4 times[7] to avoid previous calls for his resignation, Violations of First Nations Treaties[8] and the sale and destruction of the Canadian Environment, Guaranteeing large portions of the Canadian Economy to China[9], Harming the Canadian workforce by mandating Temporary Foreign Workers be employed over fully capable, trained and often times already hired Canadian workers, Supporting Israel over Canada in burying a Canadian Forces report that concluded the “IDF acknowledged and then murdered Canadian Forces personnel” in light of ‘preventability’ (We’ve dug up Harper’s buried report for you here)[10], And of course the latest Senate Expense scandal involving exclusively the Prime Ministers own appointments to the Senate. This is but just a small list of the reasons why this author as well, would like to also see Prime Minister Stephen Harper resign.

Here are some other journalists & politicians that would like to see Harper resign

Bruce Stewart, Columnist for Beacon News has the following to say:

“This isn’t about “beating on Harper means letting Duffy off the hook,” as one passionate Albertan put it to me yesterday. Both are oath-breakers. Both deserve their fates.

The problem with the motion being forced in the Senate to suspend Senators without pay isn’t that somehow the perpetrators of repeated expense account-driven pocket-lining will “get away with it” if it doesn’t happen. It’s that due process isn’t being followed. It’s that it’s being treated as a whipped vote on party lines.

Should Mike Duffy, Pamela Wallin, Patrick Brazeau, (Mac Harb already resigned), and the others in that chamber we haven’t caught onto yet remain Senators? If they took their oaths seriously, they’d have resigned ages ago — in fact, they’d have never played expense games in the first place.

But they didn’t treat their oaths seriously. Neither has the Prime Minister.

Stephen Harper is responsible for the actions of his officials. That means that when people in his Prime Minister’s Office arrange for his political party to write a cheque (as, in the amount of some $13,000, was done for Senator Duffy) to hide the expense fiddles, Stephen Harper is responsible to the House for it. When Nigel Wright whipped out his chequebook (whether he was reimbursed from party funds or not, no one yet can say), Stephen Harper was responsible for that act. When the PMO has given talking points to the principals involved in this situation, Stephen Harper is responsible for that.

Responsibility is a Canadian invention: upholding our traditions and institutions in this case means more, even, than in any other Westminster-style Parliamentary system, because this is our contribution to democracy. It is that “the Minister is responsible to Parliament for the actions of his (or her) officials”.

When they act inappropriately, it”s a failure of management, with the responsible Minister of the Crown as the manager. The traditional response to that is to offer one’s resignation to the Prime Minister.

When it”s the Prime Minister, the resignation is offered to the country, by stepping down.”[1]

John Robson, writer for the Sun Media umbrella of publications, jumps on the sudden outbreak of common sense bandwagon as well with this:

“Unless it is OK for the prime minister to lie repeatedly and openly on an important matter, Stephen Harper must resign or be dismissed.

On Monday, Harper told a Halifax radio audience he “dismissed” former chief of staff Nigel Wright over the mysterious $90,000 cheque to Sen. Mike Duffy. But last Thursday, he told the House of Commons Wright “resigned.” So one or the other was a brazen, in-your-face lie.

When pressed in Tuesday’s question period he haughtily declared, “Mr. Speaker, the facts are very clear. Mr. Wright acted inappropriately, and for that reason, I very clearly explained to him that he no longer worked for me.” If so, Harper lied to parliament five days earlier.

What is especially galling is it’s all a matter of public record.”[2]

Steve May, Member of the Sudbury Federal Green Party Association had this to say about the Dishonorable Prime Ministers recent conduct.

“Enough is enough. Which version of the “truth” will Prime Minister Stephen Harper try to sell Canadians tomorrow on his involvement in the Senate Scandal – a scandal which threatens to consume his government, his political party and himself.


“Truth” isn’t something which can be made up as you go along. There can only ever be one sequence of events. Yet, in the six months during which the Senate Scandal has dominated the news, our Prime Minister has changed his definition of the “truth” numerous times, in an attempt to gain partisan advantage. Canadians simply don’t accept that the truth can be manipulated in this manner. It’s time for Conservatives to consider a palace coup at their convention coming up in Calgary at the end of this week. That or the Prime Minister should do the honourable thing, and resign – before Canadians have the chance to dismiss him, and the rest of his party, in the next election.”[3]

Even Yahoo! News is covering the story.

“There are some that are suggesting that Stephen Harper cannot survive this scandal.

It’s the most tumultuous period of his reign as prime minister and raises questions about his credibility. The common refrain has become: ‘Harper is either lying and knew about Nigel Wright’s $90,000 cheque to Mike Duffy or he’s incompetent because he didn’t know what was going on in his own office.’

Are Stephen Harper’s days numbered?”[4]

Back to Calgary again, This time Andrew Coyne from The Calgary Herald brings us this scathing report on the failures of the Prime Minsters Office lately.

“The Prime Minister is not responsible for appointing Mike Duffy and Pamela Wallin and Patrick Brazeau to the Senate. He is not responsible for appointing senators from provinces in which they were not resident, and he is not responsible for their subsequent activities shilling for the Tories across the country at public expense.

And he is most certainly not responsible for the clandestine campaign, involving officials in his office, the chairman of the Conservative Fund Canada and several leading Conservative senators, to repay Sen. Duffy’s falsely claimed expenses on his behalf and conceal his misdeeds from the public. He is not responsible for his spokesman’s statements, even after the plot had been exposed, praising Duffy for “doing the right thing” and vouching confidence in his chief of staff, Nigel Wright.

On the other hand, he is responsible, by his own account, for telling Duffy to repay his expenses, though he had for months denied having any involvement with the file, and he was briefly responsible for “dismissing” Wright, though he had earlier claimed he resigned, and though he now seems unwilling to say which version is operable.

But he is not responsible for the current campaign to suspend the three senators two years without pay for “gross negligence” – a made-up penalty for a made-up offence, meted out by a process that seems to change by the day. He is not responsible because, as everybody knows, the Senate is wholly independent of the prime minister – as independent as his own office.

He is not even responsible for answering questions about his responsibility in this affair. He does not answer questions from the media, and when called upon to answer questions in Parliament as often as not passes them off to his parliamentary secretary. Even when he does answer questions, he doesn’t answer them.

The notion that Stephen Harper should bear any responsibility for the actions of his staff, or indeed his own, is one of those quaint relics of a bygone age, like outdoor showers or honesty. There was a time when public office holders were expected to take responsibility for these things, as a matter of personal honour if nothing else. But conventions last only as long as they are observed. Today, the prime minister clings to his position – I was the victim of a conspiracy involving everyone around me – as tightly as Sen. Duffy clings to his paycheque.


Once, it was a convention that members of the cabinet were bound to uphold the policies of the government, and to be accountable for them, and that if they could not support those policies, they could not serve in that government. That, too, has long since ceased to apply.

There does not seem to be much that does bind the government: not convention, not its own promises, not even basic facts. It issues deficit projections at the beginning of the fiscal year that bear no resemblance to the figures that go into the books at the end. It claims to be on track to meet its greenhouse gas targets even as its environment commissioner issues reports showing that it is not even halfway there. It continues to defend its costing of major defence purchases even after the auditor-general has found them to be fraudulent.

So the revelations of how far senior government officials were willing to go to lie and cover up in the matter of Sen. Duffy’s expenses should be no more shocking to us than it apparently is to the prime minister. I don’t want to say there was ever a convention that people in politics shouldn’t lie, but there were once some limits of decency: You could lie, but you couldn’t lie.

But these days it seems the only expectation is that you should not actually break the law. What once were honest lies have been rechristened “spin,” a term that is itself the best example of what it describes: Even the liars can’t tell when they are lying any more. Should we be surprised that, in all this spinning about, they get a little giddy – that the closer they spin to the edges of legality, the greater the likelihood they will fall off? But then, it is only a convention that we obey the law.”[5]

Will common sense and the rule of law finally find their way back into the halls of Canadian Parliament? Will Prime Minster Harper resign? Or are we doomed to continue down the slow but steady path to tyranny with infallible dictators and servants below him, never seeing the inside of a court room or a jail cell and with a fluid and ever changing definition of truth and fact.


33 thoughts on “Multiple media outlets calling for Prime Minister Harper resignation!

  1. i don’t know who harper represents but it’s certainly not me because i am a part of the canadian people who doesn’t want our country turned into a poisoned wasteland

  2. Let this guy leave the stage, he is only interested in selling oil and ruining our vital natural resources

  3. The Rob Ford clown show is to distract you from the Stephen Harper clown show. I used to dream that history would judge these sociopaths harshly, but I am starting to realize they intend to transcend history and human judgement. I grieve for our collective stupidity.

  4. We are no longer Canada it us now called Chinada … We have no freedom left in Canada… We want Harper Out of Cabinet!! We don’t want him representing who the real Canadians are… He’s another Hitler in disguise

  5. Harper need to resign he’s selling Canada to any one who wants a price he is a nother Hitler we have no rights as canadian hes not forthe people at all only for big money China &corperationswant to turn this beautiful country into a waste land

  6. If these pipeline go up, can Harper stop Mother Nature from natural disasters?? If this happens it will be far worse then horrible.. Do the right thing.. Get rid of HARPER!

  7. We have pipelines under the grounds for over 50 years, and nobody knew about it or said a word because it didn’t effect the environment. Now all of a sudden people are brainwashed in thinking these pipelines are going to break from a natural disaster? No it would be from Human Error.. prevent ourselves from puncturing a whole in the pipeline and we will be fine!

    • “No it would be from Human Error.. prevent ourselves from puncturing a whole in the pipeline and we will be fine!”

      Ever heard of friction? It causes wear! When there is sufficient wear there is a failure the wall of the pipe. It doesn’t need to be punctured, it bursts.

    • Well Jon, the existing pipelines run south and east from Alberta and none run through B.C. You see, as you run south and east, it’s all flat (you can bet the pipelines were routed AROUND Glacier Nat park)! And there are no earthquakes! Neither will you find one of the last great stands of old growth forests standing in their way. Whales don’t come to the prairies to mate altho you may find some friendly gophers. The pipelines that run into the U.S. from Alberta have been riddled with controversy over spills that have not been cleaned up which is why Keystone project has been blocked by President Obama. The problem isn’t a broken pipeline, it’s the fact that if one does break, no-one has a clue how to clean up Bitumen. Especially Enbridge. So as for Human Error…I think you are making one.

  8. Well we know that HARPER is not representing the people who elected him. He is after money and power. So when the pipeline is all laid and done, will there still be jobs available, if so, how many people will be employed and for how long? Cannot survive when money is all gone along with our air, water and soil. What will happen to our future generation? I am against destroying mother earth and I DON’T CARE if pcertain people don’t agree with saving the environment, our children and their children deserve to enjoy nature with pure air, clean water and rich nourishing soil.I am proud to say I am Canadian and willing to voice my concerns.

    • Technically he wasn’t elected by the people since fraud was committed. Sadly there are no provisions within Canadian law to remove him.

  9. This is now the most popular article on the NAAIJ.

    The Canadian public knows what they want…

  10. Harper is just the current symptom of the corporate corruption of our governments around the world. Until we take away the rights & freedoms of corporations (those are meant for people not corporate entities), and establish true transparency and accountability in all levels of government; this will never go away.

  11. Can we have him committed for being mentally unstable and cancel all the agreements he has signed and all the omnibus bills he has passed?

  12. I wish more people would come out when we protest on parliament hill, if tonnes of people show up it speaks volumes and pictures are taken and go all over the world and it makes more people want to get rid of him……come on people come out and let’s get rid of this crazy man!

  13. Harming the Canadian workforce by mandating Temporary Foreign Workers be employed over fully capable, trained and often times already hired Canadian workers, Supporting Israel over Canada in burying a Canadian Forces report that concluded the “IDF acknowledged and then murdered Canadian Forces personnel” in light of ‘preventability

    the road/steps to amageddon are slowly being placed and walked..and sold to the people.
    the great whore..may infact bve multiucultural canada
    where shall the deal come from for israel to sign..that they might build their temple and p-alistine might have a state called home and theirs?
    there is more..but it is developeing..such as lowering resitance..with gun laws and restrictions on p[eople in the guiz of..;for your protection you must give us your guns and other such things so their by giving upi your own that the government can protect u…and they rule u

  14. harpewr is only the voice or picture of the l;eader…but around him are many…not so p[retty who re AS important to the proiccess..but maybe not tso pretty as to be able to be the head of the monument that they buil;d for us to look on for rule and hopes

  15. Under Harper my whole way of life has been seriously eroded! Like with my free healthcare and all the fucking wind turbines going up around me this is bullshit! I want him to step down so we can have another useless election with another person who will do the same job with marginal differences!

    I’d love to come down to Ottawa to protest but since I have my steady job I found in this poor-economy, after paying off my college education, while paying my mortgage on the home I purchased on cheap credit, while not being concerned about Canadians fighting in foreign wars….actually it isn’t all that bad for me, I think i’ll save my bitching for something useful.


  16. this is bull shit. whenever the media doesn’t have a story they say things like this. get over yourselves losers. Harper is one of the best prime minister we have had. He is actually trying which has never happened in this country before. id’e love to see one of you step up to the plate of trying to run the whole country. Get over yourselves. it is the citizens of this country that make it what it is. How the hell is he cruel? youre cruel. No one is perfect. yes he made some mistakes, yes there has been fraud. there always will be it wont stop. and it will be you people who ruin this country. why cant you just be grateful for a change. greedy people. Get a grip and stop band waggoning. Would you rather have someone who runs our country into the ground or someone who actually tries? We have fallen and risen in this country but atleast this country isn’t a third wheel country. We are much better off here than a lot of other countries. Look at Syria, theyre fighting to the death. is that really what you want? then keep it up because it will be bound to happen and youll die a hell of a lot faster. You have a nice house,food in the cupboard and you probably have a nice car too. if not a nice one, a reliable one. all in which were your choices. you didnt have to have a house, you could be living on the street, you didnt have to have a car. you can bike to work. heck you didnt have to have a job. Be thankful. It’s not as bad as you think it could be. take a look at the world. we are much better off than a lot of places.

    • if this doesnt stop,we will be just like syria. and then it will be world war 3.

    • Right to peaceful assembly: Almost illegal in and of itself

      Freedom of Association: Dead

      Right to Privacy: Dead

      Protection from unreasonable search and seizure: Gone

      Regardless of your opinion we’re steadily heading towards being as bad as a third world country.

      All we need now is indiscriminate American Drone strikes across Canada and Militarized Police killing people on a whim

      • “Almost illegal?” Did you completely forget about downtown Toronto in 2010? 1000+ completely innocent people arrested “for the crime of existing within a few miles of where a group of politicians were planning how to rob us next?”

        I bet everyone’s forgotten how quickly that particular failure was exported to New York’s “Occupy Wall Street” rallies, once they learned that WE didn’t do anything to stop it HERE first?

        • It’s becuz they wore masks. Even an undercover cop had a mask on. So it’s kind of silly….cool…but silly. So, now have to wear the masks on the back of your head. Cant cover your identity. Might be a terrorist. I dont wear a mask when I stand up for our rights. I dont even hide my name on Facebook. Plus the masks scare some people from coming out to protest. We just get permits for a peaceful protest…& do that….protest peacefully. We need to wake people up! Education …awareness…is half the battle…people are dumbed down…support independent journalists!

  17. As Canadians, we have a pride, almost arrogance, that our political process is free of the problems that plague the American system. We have been shamed to admit that we have a system in which the rules of parliament have been eroded, and instead of responsible adults doing what is right; we have children blaming each other for their mistakes. Harper has taken credit for the hard work of Canadians, when things are going well and then turned with contempt on those same Canadians thinking that they are a sleeping electorate that wouldn’t notice or care that what is right has fallen from the political discourse. Canadians are proud, because we stand for what I’d right; we take the blame when we are wrong; and we lead by example. What example does this government lead with.. The arrogance we sit back thinking things will clear up them selves naturally. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME.

  18. Remember, almost everything Hitler did was legal, because his government approved it.

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